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Pedestrian is contemporary dance company offering more than your typical dance concert performance. Pedestrian brings a human-like quality to the dance world by offering an emotional, soul-captivating experience. Pedestrian translates movement and music into heart-provoking stories that will remove audiences from their conscious mind and evoke emotion through raw, unconventional movement.

There is a therapeutic nature that exists in movement, where some of the most imperfect and asymmetric lines prevail through urgency, simplicity and stillness. Pedestrian’s dancers possess a very particular ear for music. As performers, their duty is to help the audience to hear music in a new and exciting way. Pedestrian brings a fresh meaning to the term musicality by pulling out different elements of a song through precision, articulation and dynamics. Our dancers are grounded, they aren’t afraid to be thrown around, get out of their comfort zone or surrender to the floor. Our dancers strive to develop a connection with our audiences and pull them into our world.